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Various Benefits of Collagen for Health

The benefits of collagen may be more popular as a skin care product content. When in fact collagen still has many other benefits that are no less important for health, such as relieving joint pain and supporting heart health. Collagen is an abundant amount of natural protein in the body and is found in the skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. However, as we get older, the amount of collagen in the body can decrease. So that the amount of collagen is maintained, you can get it through food or taking collagen supplements. This is done so that the health benefits of collagen can still be felt. Get to know the variety of benefits of collagen There are at least five main benefits of collagen in supporting body health, including the following: 1. Tighten the skin and prevent aging It is not wrong to associate the benefits of collagen with skin health. Many studies have shown that collagen has benefits in helping to tighten the skin, prevent premature aging, while reducing dr
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Various Fast Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Without proper treatment, uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause dangerous complications, such as strokes and heart attacks. Learn how to quickly reduce high blood pressure, so that your health condition is maintained. The quick way that is meant, does not mean instant or drastic. Too fast to reduce high blood pressure can also cause other health problems. Therefore, high blood pressure can be reduced in the right time duration, according to the target and program set by the doctor. High blood pressure reduction programs generally include lifestyle changes to the administration of medicines. Fast Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure with Lifestyle Changes Not just fast, efforts to reduce high blood pressure must be done appropriately, according to doctor's orders. You can apply the following methods as a first step to lowering high blood pressure: 1. Calm down and relax Blood pressure may increase due to stress, anxiety, fear or anger. Therefore, calming down and relaxati

Mother and Father, These Benefits and the Right Way to Praise Children

Praising children may look simple and are used to parents everyday. But if done in the right way, praising children can be useful for the formation of character you know. Praising can be a form of parent communication to children. One of the important things that parents need to pay attention to when praising a child is to prioritize the quality of praise, compared to the amount of praise spoken. Various Benefits of Praising Children Some parents may choose not to praise their children. However, this attitude can have a negative impact on children, such as making your child insecure and afraid to try new things. Conversely, praising children properly can bring many benefits to children, including: Increase the child's confidence The words of praise said by parents are very influential on the child's self confidence. This will make the child feel that things done are not in vain. Motivate children Praising children is also useful to make them motivated and more